Charlotte Kempster, Independent Occupational Therapist

Charlotte is a paediatric Occupational Therapist registered with the British Association of Occupational Therapists and the Health and Care Professions Council. She is also certified in Ayres Sensory Integration. She currently works with children aged 5-19 with behavioural and learning difficulties, sensory processing needs, DCD/dyspraxia, autism, ADHD and mental health needs within schools, hospital and residential care settings.

Her person centred Occupational Therapy is designed to enhance each student's ability to function and be successful in all aspects of daily living with emphasis on enabling access to education.

Her work includes:

  • addressing sensory issues by finding strategies to keep the student’s arousal level functional during education and/or making changes to the teaching environment to allow for the sensory needs of the child

  • working on developing each students mental health needs and social skills necessary to form and sustain social interaction and relationships with their peers

  • handwriting/fine motor skills or visual-perception skills to enable completion of written assignments

  • helping each student to organise himself or herself in the environment to maximise classroom participation and educational experiences

  • working with the young people and their tutors to adapt learning materials to facilitate successful participation in education

  • advising on Education, Health and Care Plans

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Charlotte Kempster